Team Program


Air Force Junior Olympic Team


For level 1+ athletes

Ages 5+

High level of time and
financial commitment required

Members of Air Force’s Junior Olympic team compete in USAG sanctioned meets throughout the state and region. USAG is the premier gymnastics league in the US and the Junior Olympic program is the grass roots program where all of our nation’s Olympic Stars are born. The emphasis in the program is development of the good technique, discipline and work ethic that will be the foundation for advanced gymnastics. Through the hours (and years) that are spent in the gym achieving the level of excellence required for competition in USA Gymnastics a family atmosphere is achieved and lifelong friendships are developed.

The Junior Olympic program begins with compulsory gymnastics. Compulsory gymnastics comprises several levels of the J.O. program. All athletes on a given level compete the same skills and routines and are judged on their basic form and technique, which will be the building block for future gymnastics endeavors. After several years in the compulsory program the athletes earn the ability to participate in optional gymnastics which allows them to customize their routines with individual music choice, skill selection, and choreography. As the athletes advance through the levels the time and financial commitment increase and competitions become more frequent and challenging. The Junior Olympic Team is a long term commitment which typically results in many years of team participation.

Our ultimate goal for the athletes who remain a part of the AF Junior Olympic team through high school would be a possible college scholarship. We also hope that they will gain the values of hard work, perseverance, time management, confidence and self esteem that will bring them continued success in whatever path they choose in their adult lives. Members of the J.O. team will work with AF’s highest level coaches and will also get the opportunity to work with guest coaches, judges and to attend camps throughout their time at AF.

Air Force Xcel Team


For level 1+ athletes

Ages 9+

Medium level of time and
financial commitment required

The Xcel team is a unique program that meets the needs of many gymnasts by providing a team atmosphere and a competitive experience without the large time and financial commitments required for traditional Junior Olympic gymnastics teams. Since this program is sponsored by USA Gymnastics, each child will still have the excitement of participating in sanctioned competitions throughout Wisconsin 3 times a year and possibly once or twice at home. At these competitions they will represent Air Force as they compete against many other gymnastics clubs. They will have the opportunity to win a variety of awards based on their achievement when compared against other athletes at their level and age range.

Xcel is a great option for older athletes who want to dive right into competitive gymnastics. The Xcel team can be used as a stepping stone towards the Junior Olympic team or can be a final destination for athletes who want to compete in gymnastics and travel, but don’t want the full travel, time and financial commitment of the Junior Olympic Team. It is also a great option for older athletes who would like to bypass the years of compulsory gymnastics that are required for the Junior Olympic Program and move straight to the more exciting and fun optional levels.

Air Force Home Team


For level 1+ athletes

Ages 6+

Minimal level of time and
financial commitment required

The AF Home Team is a great challenge for beginning level athletes who want more out of gymnastics or for more advanced athletes that have busy lives and would like to develop their gymnastics skills further without the full long term commitment of the travelling teams. AF Home Team will be coached by our top AF instructors and coaches. Team members will work to continue to advance their skill level and throughout the year will develop routines on all 4 women’s events with their coaches. They will have 3 opportunities throughout the year to compete in low pressure gymnastics meets held right here in our Air Force Facility. You will be able to invite all your family and friends to celebrate your gymnast’s accomplishments as they show their stuff close to home. At the competitions, members of the AF Home Team will have their routines evaluated by judges and win awards for their accomplishments.

The Air Force Home Team can be a stepping stone for beginning level athletes as they continue towards their goal of someday being a member of one of the AF travelling teams, or it can be a final destination for beginning and advanced athletes who prefer not to join the travelling teams, but who still want the challenge of competitive gymnastics.