About Us


Since 2006, Air Force Gymnastics has been providing Northeast Wisconsin with world-class instruction and high-quality gymnastics programs. With multiple team state championships, several team state top 3 finishes, individual state champions, regional qualifiers, regional champions and national qualifiers, Air Force Gymnastics Academy has become one of the top gyms in Wisconsin.

Air Force Gymnastics was founded by Jay and Jennie Beyer. With just five athletes, they began practices in September 2006 in a 7,500 square foot space on the outskirts of Green Bay. Their goal was to provide the Green Bay area with a state-of-the-art facility and world class gymnastics instruction. During their first few seasons, a small team developed and was able to have some success around the state.

By June 2009, Air Force had outgrown it’s original facility. The gym was expanded to around 10,000 square feet and the team and class programs grew in turn. Since expanding the original gym, Air Force has made a number of notable accomplishments, including grooming several high school athletes for success in collegiate competition, being voted Best of the Bay twice, and having both boys and girls Wisconsin state championship teams. In addition to team success, Air Force is home to MANY individual state and regional champions.

In the summer of 2012, Air Force moved on from its original facility into its permanent home, a 26,000 square foot space at 969 North Military Avenue. With lots of additional space, a variety of new state of the art training tools and some new staff and lesson plans in place, Air Force is now bigger and better than ever!


Air Force Gymnastics has TONS of space for lots of amazing new equipment and training opportunities for gymnasts of all levels. Our newly-expanded, 26,000 square foot facility (located at 969 North Military Ave) features a huge in-ground pit, an awesome trampoline, and lots of mats and gadgets! Additionally, there is enough room in the gym for all of our awesome programs to have their own space and operate independently of each other.



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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. All participants in gym activities must have a signed waiver form on file with the gym.
  2. No one is allowed on equipment without a coach present.
  3. Always listen to your instructor and follow directions.
  4. Please wait in the observation area for your instructor to start your class.
  5. Wear athletic clothing when participating–no snaps, buttons, zippers or jewelry, please.
  6. Have long hair pulled back.
  7. No candy, gum, food or beverage in the gym.
  8. Know your limits–do not attempt new skills without a coach’s permission.
  9. Stay with your class at all times.
  10. Have FUN!!!

WARNING: Gymnastics is, by nature, a dangerous activity. Risk can be reduced using proper coaching, equipment and progressions, but the risk of injury (including catastrophic injury or death) can never be eliminated.

We strive to keep our instructor-to-student ratio at 1:8 for teams and Flight School classes, 1:6 for Kinder Gym classes and 1:4 for Pre-school classes.

Yes! Tuition will be pro-rated based on your start date.

Should you miss a class you may schedule a make-up for another day or time (so long as that class isn’t full) or stop by the office for an open gym pass.

Absolutely! We have an observation area with a great view of the entire gym!

If your child is four years or younger, we ask that an adult is present in the gym. For children five years of older, an adult does not need to be present.

A leotard or comfortable clothes free of zippers, buckles, snaps, etc. Please also tie back long hair and refrain from wearing dangling earrings and other jewelry.

Our recreational athletes all have skill charts hanging in the hallway. When your child has mastered a skill, their instructor will check it off on their skill chart. Once the chart is complete, they are ready for the next level and will receive their completion trophy. Please feel free to look over the charts at anytime or speak with your instructor regarding any questions.

Team tryouts for recreational students age six years and older are held once a year in Spring. Placement in Hot Shots (ages 4-7) is by instructor recommendation only.


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